Commercial Flat Roofs

Commercial flat roofing systems

Flat roofs are often reputed for being unreliable, subject to leaks and hard to maintain.

However, with Action Roofing’s expert advice and services, this needn’t be the case.

Most leaks and faults with flat roofs stem from:

  • A poor roof membrane
  • Bad maintenance
  • Age

Here at Action Roofing, we make sure our customers receive only the best quality flat roofing services to make sure they remain intact and functioning for up to 30 years.

Our bespoke flat roofing service caters for a wide variety of flat roofs. All of our flat roof systems can be tailor-made to suit your needs and, with over 25 years of experience and a professionally trained and highly qualified team, we can ensure that our customers receive only the best service alongside one of the best flat roof systems available in the UK. We offer a repair and full replacement service for all flat roofs.

Here are the systems we use

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Fibre Glass – We are trained and approved in all Topseal systems. Topseal is a BBA certified GRP roofing system fitted with a 20 - 40 year product and workmanship guarantee. Topseal systems are cold liquid applied.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, Topseal is designed to deliver a roofing solution to suit practically any shape or size of roof in a range of colours and finishes for applications from technically challenging replacement lead gulleys on listed buildings through to large scale commercial projects. Topseal has a BBA certified range of systems, that are also IS0:14001 and ISO:9001 certificated.

The unique versatility of Topseal means it can be used and is specified for a wide range of waterproofing applications from small domestic projects, such a dormer roofs through to large scale commercial projects including commercial roofs, balconies and walkways.

Direct Lay / GRP Overlay system - The Topseal Direct Lay System is a ground-breaking liquid-applied GRP roofing system for new build and refurbishment flat roofing projects. This seamless, BBA-certified system can be specified for almost any project regardless of size or complexity, without the inconvenience of removing the existing roof when used for refurbishment or directly onto tissue-backed insulation for a warm-roof configuration.

Topseal Direct Lay, can be applied directly to a range of materials including felt, asphalt, concrete and tissue-backed insulation and all components are completely cold-applied, which eliminates the risks associated with the use of heat or flames used during installation Topseal direct lay system comes with a 20 year guarantee of workmanship and material performance.

Other liquid waterproof systems
We are trained and approved in a plethora of different liquid water proofing systems for flat roofs and gutter relines,

KEMPEROL liquid Roofing, Water proofing and Surfacing Systems
We are trained and approved to use the Kemperol UK systems. Kemperol are the specialist manufacturers of  the best liquid roofing and water proof systems available in the UK. A well laid Kemperol system will keep flat roofs, balconies, Terraces, walkways, car parks and critical structures water proof and looking good for up to 20 years!. Whatever the substrate and whatever structure you have, we can offer a system to suit.

We are trained in the installation of both Wolfin Tectofin and Sika Sarnafil reinforced roofing membranes which are  comprised of flexible sheets of synthetic polymer that can be divided into two main groups, thermoplastics and synthetic rubber. Our single ply membranes can be laid directly on a high-quality polystyrene insulation material (DAA dh and dm) without any flame retardants. All of our membranes can be fully bonded either as an exposed application or under ballast or mechanically fastened.

Green Roofs
We can create beautiful green roofs with both the GRP and the liquid water proofing systems we are extensively trained in. A green roof brings together a unique combination of recycled, renewable and sustainable components to provide a complete water proof roofing and green roof system with a single source specification

Temporary roof repairs
We offer temporary solutions to most flat roof leaks, using various liquid and rapid patch applied products



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